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Meet Vamsi Pannala

Over the course of my entrepreneurial journey, I’ve noticed that there is so much noise going on that it’s difficult to cut through the noise  and truly make the impact you know that your product/service provides.

Throughout my experience, and personal trial and error, I’ve learned that a Virtual Summit is the only tool out there that gives you the kind of catapult unlike anything else.

I founded Impact Marketing Summit after gaining my renown as a virtual summit coach, podcaster and marketer. 

My sole purpose is to help entrepreneurs rise out of obscurity and stand out in a crowded world. 

Whether you’re just starting your journey or even have a solid base, I challenge you to catapult your brand into an authority figure in your niche.

– Vamsi

Ready To Take Your Business To The Next Level?

Setting Up The Road Map

Learn how to get a full grasp of why you’re doing your virtual summit, how to make it profitable, researching your niche, ideal customer avatar and so much more!

Funnel Building

I’ll walk you through easily digestible steps you’ll take when building the funnel for your virtual summit. Everything from branding and design to setting up your All-Access Members Area!

The Virtual Summit

4 modules that cover setting up your own professional recording studio, how to prepare and conduct professional and valuable interviews, delivering your summit and turning it into an automated evergreen monkey making machine!

Demand The Position Your Brand Deserves

Whether you are a coach, online content creator or someone who is trying to impact the world in your professional niche, this Virtual Summit Launchpad has been designed for YOU!



verb (used with authority entrepreneurs)

1. To set yourself apart as an expert in your niche. The one-stop solution your demographic needs.

2.  Cement  your legacy as an authority figure; THE ONE PLACE everyone turns to when they need answers.

One of the skills that Vamsi has mastered is the skills of networking and organizing events. I have not seen anyone else help others create the authority int their niche like Vamsi can. I would definitely recommend him in case anyone wants to be seen as a authority in whatever field they choose by organising events. Keep it up Vamsi.


– Shriyash Patil

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